Follow my progress as I dive into the world of iOS development! I designed my own iOS Bootcamp by using free resources found online, and by the end of the 3 months, I will have a full app portfolio, an app in the app store, and a developer career profile for employers. Join me!

Taking inspiration from a number of great bootcamps on the market, I have compiled readily available material from the following:

Treehouse.com (Team Treehouse) ($25/month)

Stanford University (Free on iTunes U)

Udacity.com (Free)

Rob Percival on Udemy.com(The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course – Build 14 Apps $69) – in Swift

If I wanted to, I could have done this bootcamp totally, and completely free. However, to ensure that I understand the Swift and Objective-C syntax ‘completely’, I was more than happy to include the Treehouse tracks. They are just, of course, very good at what they do! Also, to cover the new and exciting world of the Apple Watch and all of it’s possibilities, I wanted to include a comprehensive course that would allow me to explore that area as well. So, overall, not totally free, but pretty darn close!

I will also be establishing my presence on Github, as well…which is FREE.


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