iOS Bootcamp Outline

My iOS Bootcamp

Phase One: Treehouse
Swift Track

Week One:
Swift Basics
a. Variables and Constants
b. Types
c. Operators
d. Collections
e. Control Flow

2. Swift Functions and Optionals
a. Functions
b. Parameters and Tuples
c. Optionals

3. Swift Enums and Structs
a. Enums
b. Enums and their Methods
c. Structs
d. Structs and their Methods

Week Two:
4. Object-Oriented Swift
a. Classes and Objects
b. Inheritance
c. Properties
d. Value vs Reference Types

5. Build a Simple iPhone App with Swift
a. Getting Started with xCode
b. Views and View Controllers
c. Creating a Data Model
d. Improving Our User Interface
e. Debugging Our App
f. Deploying to a Device

6. Build a Playlist Browser with Swift
7. Build a Weather App with Swift
Objective-C Track

Week Three and Four: TBA


Phase Two:
Stanford University
Swift and iOS 8

Week Five:
Logistics, iOS 8 Overview
More xCode and Swift, MVC
+ Reading: Project 1
+ Programming: Project 1
3. Applying MVC
4. More Swift and Foundation Frameworks
5. Objective-C Compatibility, Property List, Views
+ Reading: Project 2
+ Programming: Project 2

Week Six:
6. Protocols and Delegation, Gestures
7. Multiple MVC’s
8. ViewController Lifecycle, Auto Layout
9. Scroll View and Multithreading
+Reading: The Rest of Swift
+ Programming: Project 3
10. Table View
11. Unwind Segues, Alerts, Timers, View Animation
12. Dynamic Animation
+Programming: Project 4

Week Seven:
13. Application Lifecycle and Core Motion
+ Programming: Project 5
14. Core Location and Mapkit
15. Model Segues
16. Camera, Persistence, and Embed Segues
17. Internationalization and Settings

Phase Three:
Stanford University
Objective-C and iOS Development for iPhone and iPad

Week Eight:
1. Class Logistics, Overview of iOS, MVC, Objective-C
2. Objective-C
3. Assignment 1
4. Foundation and Attributed Strings
5. View Controller Lifecycle
+assignment 2
6. Polymorphism with Controllers, UINavigation, UITableBar
7. Views and Gestures
+ assignment 3
8. Protocols, Blocks, and Animation
9. Animation and Autolayout

Week Nine:
10. Multithreading, Scroll View
+ assignment4
11. Table View and iPad
12. Documents and Core Data
13. Core Data and Table View
+assignment 5

Week Ten:
14. UIApplication, Network Activity Indicator, and Maps
15. Mapkit and Embed Segue
+assignment 6
16. Modal Segues, Text Fields, Alerts, and Action Sheets
17. Camera, Core Motion, Application Lifecycle
18. Localization, Adding UI to Settings

Weekend Crunch
19. Core Image
20. Spritekit iOS Framework
Phase Four:

Week Eleven:
Introduction to iOS App Development with Swift
Making VI of our App
Navigating Screens on Our App
Playing Audio
Recording Audio
Chipmunk and Darth Vader Effects
Final App Submission

Week Twelve:
UIKity Fundamentals
Outlets and Actions
Presenting View Controllers

Week Thirteen:
iOS Networking with Swift
Networking and Web Servers
Building “Flick Finder”
Problem Set: JSON Parsing
The MovieD8 and Authentication
Improving Networking with MVC
Reliability and “On the Map”
Phase Five:
Final Project: Game App

Week Fourteen and Fifteen: TBA


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